Leyendas III: The Children of Lir

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The Children of Lirlirchild

This is a story about King Lir and his family.  King Lir and his wife Aobh had four children – a daughter called Fionnuala and three sons called Aodh, Fiachra and Con. The mother, Aobh, died and they were very sad.  King Lir married again and his new wife was called Aoife.  She became the children’s stepmother. At first she loved the children but then she became jealous of how much their father loved them.

She put a spell on her stepchildren to turn them into swans.  They were turned into swans for nine hundred years.  The spell could only be broken by the sound of a church bell.

The king went to look for his sons and daughter.  When he went to the lake four swans swam up to him. They told him that Aoife had put a magic spell on them. He begged Aoife to turn the swans back into children, but she wouldn’t. He threw her out, but he couldn’t find anyone to break the spell.

One day a monk came to the island and built a church. When they heard the church bell the four swans changed into four very old people. The monk blessed them and they died peacefully. They were buried together beside his church.



Este es un video que se usa como recurso audiovisual en clase: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLJ6e7UzDek

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