La escritura de los druidas

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Hoy os dejo un poco de información a cerca de la escritura de los druidas, llamada escritura Ogham.

En esta página podéis ver algunas de las piedras «escritas»:

Ogham Writing

Ogham was an alphabet for one of the ancient Celtic languages.  Ogham, and the mysteries associated with it, were kept a strict secret amongst the scholars and druids.  Ogham inscriptions have been found on burial monuments, property divisions and landmarks.


The letters are a made up of lines placed beside or crossing a midline. Each letter has between one to five vertical or angled strokes.  Each letter in the Ogham alphabet was also the name of a tree.  Ogham is read from bottom to top on boundary markers, left to right across page on manuscripts. 

The name Ogham was derived from that of the Celtic god of literature and eloquence, Ogma, who is credited with it’s invention.

Ogham inscriptions are from the 4th to 5th centuries.  They have been found mostly on standing stones.  It is also believed that inscriptions were done in wood.  However, there are no surviving examples.



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